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Air Manifolds

We have manifolds to fit almost every need.  All of our manifolds can be custom configured with various fittings for specific safety requirements.  he Texas Pneumatic Air Manifolds can be used in any industry where there is a need to have multiple outlets of compressed air to supply various tools simultaneously.

Air Manifold Features:

All tanks are ASME coded and stamped

Meets OSHA guidelines for compressed air storage devices.

Conveniently assembled TO SAVE YOU TIME

Drain port can be partially opened to expel moisture build-up

Tanks act as moisture separators by allowing particulates to fall out of main supply line.

Optional cage (TX-2AMFand TX-6AMF only) protects the vavles and makes for one person to move on the jobsite.

NEW PRODUCT: California Permit Exempt -10 Gallong Tank, 150 psi

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