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Paint Pockets Original Spray Arrestor

The Paint Pockets Original Arrestor comes in two sizes of pads and seven (7) sizes of blankets.

Stable Air Flow: Its unique pockets enable Paint Pockets to accumulate significant quantities of overspray before it begins to noticeable restric booth airflow.  This feature permits you to "tune" your entire finishing process for maximum transfer efficenty and more importantly to operate in the optimum efficiency zone.  Increased transfer efficiency means more parts coated per quantity sprayed and longer intervals between filter changes.  A higher percentage of the finish is coating parts instead of arrestors.

Low Run-Off:

Paint Pockets, not only removes overspary from your booth's exhaust air stream, its pockets assist in retaining overspary within the arrestor.  Reduced run-off means less booth floor clean-up and quicker filter changes.

Best Value:

You get up to an 80% reduction in filter changes, a corresponding reduction in wast disposal costs, more than 50% reduction in backsection and exhaust stack cleanouts, significantly less run-off, and improved transfer efficiency-all in an easy-to-change, user-friendly, polyester filter.

Cut Booth Operating Costs Now:

To reduce your spray booth operating costs, while still improving performance contact us via email abundant.lee@cox.net or call 757 963 6960.  Ask us about our "FREE" trial offer.