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Portable Dust Collection Systems

Portable Dust Collection Systems to conform with OSHA Directive 1926,1153 for Crystalline Silica containment.  These compressed air powered systems can be used with percussion tools, rock drills, saws or grinders that are powered by compressed air or electricity.  They are portable systems that have no moving parts and therefore minimal maintenance.  The HEPA filters have a 2 or 3 year life expectancy, can be easily cleaned with compressed air and can occasionally be washed.

Since these Dust Collection Systems do not use water as an aid in dust reduction, they can be used all year long and in all climates.  The systems are small and portable for use indoors or outdoors.  The collected dust and debris is not normally considered hazardous waste so it can be discarded with the trash. 

In order to lessen the potential risk of exposure to airborne dust, filters and canisters are located a minimum of 30 feet from the operator via vacuum hoses or ducting.  When canisters require the dust and debris to be removed the large plastic bags allow plenty of room to seal the dust prior to removal from the canister.