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Tornado Blowers (Vaneaxial)

These 8", 12" and 15", electrically powered Tornado Blowers are made for the most demanding uses and they have explosion proof of totally enclosed motors.  They are used for ventilation of tanks, manholes, process vessels and similar confined spaces.  They can also e used for cooling or drying applications.

Non-explosion proof Tornado Blowers have a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor.  Explosion proof motors are certified for NEMA Class 1, Div 1, Group D & Class II, Group E, F and G hazardous areas.  All 115V-230V motors have a built-in switch for turning the units on and off.  They also have a switch to easily convert the motor from 115 volt to 230 volt capability.

All units are fully assembled with shipped from the factory.  They are ready to use the right out of the box.  All units come with 25 feet of electrical cable rated for "Extra Hard Use"  Units with TEFC motors have weatherproof plugs, and EXP (Explosion Proof) units have explosion proof plugs that conform to NEC (National Electric Code) guidelines.